When you team with PowerPortalz Digital Signage Solutions you receive everything you need to just Plug in, Log-in & as easy as that you can control your Signage with our wide variety of Creative Tools that allow you to add interactive news or weather tickers, events schedules, menus, specials, general information & more!

Our PowerStudio allows you to organize & design different screens by creating playlists then designating which screens they play on.

Once you’ve set your PowerScreens just choose which designated playlist you want to stream on your screens! Simple as that!

If you don’t have a design team our PowerTeam can create control, update & help with your new PowerPortalz Digital Signage Boards!

PowerPortalz ALL IN 1 Interactive Digital Signage Solutions are here to help keep you connected!

Whether using our PowerPortalz Digital Signage Displays or PowerPortalz Interactive Secure Cell Phone Charging Stations our PowerAPP makes it easy for you to simply Install, Login, & Setup your Displays!

Then with WiFi access you can control your Digital Signage from anywhere in the world!

PowerPortalz Digital Signage Solutions puts the Power in your hands!

Our line of Interactive Secure Cell Phone Charging Stations & Digital Branding Boards help build rapport with your patrons by being their safe place to charge their phone away from home & are your all in one solution for:


1. Keeping your patrons in their seats

2. Allowing them to keep tagging friends & checking in

3. Increasing Revenue

4. Safe place for 99% of your patrons to charge their phone

5. Digital Advertising screen you can control from your desktop

6. Keep specials, events, & more updated on your interactive PowerPortal!

7. Preferred through traffic destination because of vital resource!

Our Interactive PowerAPP allows you to control & connect to your displays from anywhere in the world with WiFi access.

Simply install our PowerPortalzAPP onto your smart device, create an account then login on your desktop, your Portal allowing you to take Power of your Screens!

Feature anything you want with our PowerAPP from Menus, Events, Specials, Tenant Lists, Schedules, Weather, Sales information & more! Our Easy to Use PowerPortalzAPP lets you create directories which catalog your screens, playlists, & offer interactive metric reports about your different screen content.

If you want to use our PowerPortalz App but dont know how to utilize our Easy PowerStudio for design, don’t worry, as always you have the option to hire our Creative team to handle it for you!

PowerPortalz Digital Signage Solutions aims to be your ALL IN ONE solution for digital signage displays!

Our Commercial Grade quality displays are your trusted resource to display content & information to your patrons with EASY direct control from your desktop with simple wifi access.

Our supreme quality displays are meant for many years constant use in Subways, Hospitals, Airports, Universities, Lobbies & more

Every PowerPortal Digital Signage Display comes with everything you need to simply un-box your Display, & login from your desktop to control your Content from anywhere in the world with a Wi-Fi connection!

With a huge catalog of tools to help you control your content you can stay connected with just the click of a button!

Focus on the FUN not your Phone!

Just Plug your phone into our multi-port outlet security lockers

Enter a 4 DIGIT Security Pin Preferably the last 4 of your Phone number!

Come back when you’re ready again!

PowerPortalz keeps every Party Positively charged!

The point of every party if to have a good time!

Checking in!

Tagging friends!

Havin fun!

If your phone is dead the party is too!

With PowerPortalz Festivalz & Eventz we are able to customize your screens with events schedules, sales specials, social media, weather, sponsor info & more!


All thanks to the Your Event & Event PowerScreen sponsors!

Keep in mind even if a patron isn’t using the PowerPortal the screen content is ever rotating! Keeping them informed, updated & aware!

PowerPortalz Interactive Charging Stations & Digital Branding Boards are also a good way to increase your profit potential offering Exclusive Sponsor Space on the screens for the community to connect with! All while offering a safe place for Festival goers to charge their phone safely away from home THANKS TO THE SPONSORS!